How to Sharpen a Toro Lawn Mower Blade

Sharpening Mower Blades a Brief Tutorial

Picture of a ready to go sharpened Toro mower blade!

The ability to efficiently and expeditiously cut a lawn, any lawn, boils down to the sharpness of the cutting instrument. In this case it is the lawn mower blades that are positioned under the mower deck of your sweet Toro lawnmower. Since the lawn is one of the Crown Jewels of any residence it is important that you use only the best equipment in order to keep it looking like a piece of green art!

Clean Sharp Lines

The reasons for keeping a nicely-trimmed and well-manicured lawn go much further than just aesthetic beauty. The benefits of a clean-edge all around the perimeter of the turf will work wonders against disease and insect invasion. With the benefit of going green these days a by-product of utilizing a real-sharp Toro mower blade is that you will cut-down on the amount of chemicals and pesticides that will be required to keep the insects and fungus as well as disease to its optimum minimum.

Clean the blade first

First of all, assuming regular use you should sharpen your blade about once a month. When sharpening it, be sure that you are wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Remove the sparkplug so that you can be sure that the mower won’t start inadvertently. Remove any  grass that might be caught—this is actually a lawn mower maintenance procedure that should be completed after every mowing. Using a steel brush, remove any rust that may have accumulated since the last time the blade was sharpened.

Sharpening the blade

Using a wrench, remove the blade bolts. Then, grind the blade using a grinder or a file. If you don’t have either of these tools, you may have to take the blade in to a mower shop to get it sharpened. Be mindful of the fact that some mowers come with sharpening kits, so check to see whether this applies to you. It is crucial to remember that you only want to grind the engine side, which has a bevel. Sharpen the blade until there is a smooth edge. After it is sharp, make sure that it is balanced.  If it isn’t keep sharpening it until it is balanced; this is very important as an unbalanced blade will result in an uneven cut.

mower blade

Mower Blade

Sharpening your mower blade is one of the easiest do-it-yourself lawn mower maintenance tasks in existence. Even if you are new to lawn mower maintenance, there is no reason why you can’t sharpen it successfully.


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